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Through strategic partnerships, we build teams that are responsive to client needs. 

Together we are stronger than alone. We've built close relationships with several consultants who share our values and approaches, and whom we have experience collaborating with on successful project delivery. We team with these amazingly talented people that we both respect and befriend. Working with them is a pleasure and a reward. We guarantee you will think so too. 


Shantell Bingham


Julie Judkins

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Ángel Peña


Mike Callahan

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Alan Steinbeck

Thank you so much for all your help with Local Foods, Local Places process. From organizing the workshop in August to the fine-tuning of the Action Plan in December, your work and insight were invaluable. We really appreciate your, and we look forward to getting to work on the action plan in 2018!

Riegel Behrens, Working in Neighborhoods, South Cumminsville, Cincinnati, Ohio

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